(Domestic Receipt-Book, 1858)

These must never be cooked after they are dead.
Put them alive into boiling water, and boil them till the small joints come off easily.

(Directions for Cookery, 1851)

Put a handful of salt into a large kettle or pot of boiling water. When the water boils very hard put in the lobster, having first brushed it, and tied the claws together with a bit of twine.

Keep it boiling from half an hour to an hour in proportion to its size. If boiled too long the meat will be hard and stringy.

When it is done, take it out, lay it on its claws to drain, and then wipe it dry.
Send it to table cold, with the body and tail split open, and the claws taken off.
Lay the large claws next to the body, and the small ones outside.
Garnish with double parsley.

It is scarcely necessary to mention that the head of a lobster, and what are called the lady-fingers are not to be eaten.



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